Smart Factory Webinar Series (Topic : HYDRA Dynamic Manufacturing Control)

Smart Factory Webinar Series (Topic : HYDRA Dynamic Manufacturing Control)

Assembly environments can become ever more complex. These could be manual batch assemblies on workbenches or in shop floor cells. Or these could be single-piece-flow lines in a JIT/JIS environment with purely manual works or with sophisticated integration setups between manual labor and automated process (robots, cobots). What do all of these scenarios have in common? The involved workers require proper process guidance and process control, to enable them to perform at their best and get everything done right the first time. This is where HYDRA Dynamic Manufacturing Control (DMC) comes into the game!

In contrast to often rigid programming of control systems, HYDRA DMC allows you to flexibly model each single work step of your assembly process both sequential and parallel, along with diversion points or rework loops, based on actual results captured. HYDRA DMC is suitable for smaller assembly cells as well as for complex assembly lines with a wide variety of products, where fast work cycles and a high demand for information are typical. Aside from work and test instructions for the operator, DMC also provides control integration for intelligent tools and peripherals.

In this webinar we will demonstrate DMC in action!

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