Smart Factory Webinar Series (Topic : HYDRA for Plastics)

Smart Factory Webinar Series (Topic : HYDRA for Plastics)

The key factors of the plastics-processing industry are the production of high-quality products at fair market prices, keeping up with constantly decreasing delivery times and smaller batch sizes. New requirements regarding materials, tools, machines and processes have to be met while customers demand complete documentation of product manufacturing. Modern plastics processing businesses can only cope with these complex tasks if they use efficient Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

The modular MES HYDRA system is the core element of MPDV’s product range. It is used as a business solution by many plastics-processing companies, and can be customized to the specific requirements of different production processes (injection molding, extrusion, printing, assembly etc.).

To optimize and properly control production processes, including numerous factors such as costs, adherence to schedules and quality standards, foremen, work schedulers, the QA department, maintenance department or management is kept informed about the current production status and existing problems at all times using relevant key figures. For this purpose, HYDRA provides numerous functions included in different application packages.

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