Smart Factory Webinar Series (Topic : IIOT with HYDRA)

Smart Factory Webinar Series (Topic : IIOT with HYDRA)

You manage all your machines, devices, robots. You want to create your own "Smart Factory" ecosystem with all of it. On the technical platform, you are faced with an abundance of connectivity options from multiple machine vendors. You hear terms like OPC UA, OPC DA, MQTT, MT-Connect, ModBus, Web-Services, file interfaces, serial interfaces. The list can go on ...

How do you unify all these various communication standards and different data protocols coming along with them? And what about those other "older" or "manual" machines that do not provide any of such communication interfaces?  

All of these questions will be answered in this webinar! The Smart Factory Solution HYDRA, with its integrated Shopfloor Connectivity Suite, puts you in control and keeps you flexible & prepared for your future changing requirements. Join us!

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