Company Values

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In CS, we believe that great achievements can be possible only with great values.

Our Values are:

1. Teamwork and Integrity

    We achieved our goal as a team, we value the honesty and integrity as the
    highest priority to built a great teamwork.

2. Respect and Responsible

    We respect every people strength and weakness, and we are responsible to our
    own knowledge growth and responsible to our team knowledge growth.

3. Unique

    Everybody is unique, just be yourself and shine.

4. Solicitude Friendship

    We care each other, we help each other, we love to do fun things together, we
    grow together, we are getting stronger together.

5. Timeless Improvement

    We are continuously improve our skills, our performance, our organization, and
    our services to the customer.


Your Success Partner


  •  Providing an integrated software solutions with great services
  •  Providing consultation and business analysis services
  •  Providing infrastructure design and implementation services

Key Benefits

Value for Money

Value for Money

We offer you great services and complete smart factory solutions with reasonable price.



More than 30 years experience and with more than 10.000 users worldwide and local partners support.



We work globally in more than 25 countries.